Online Felt Sensing and With-Sensing (Focusing and Listening): Introductory course series January 2019

On Tuesdays, starting January 10th 2019, the series where Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo teaches you Felt Sensing (also known as Focusing) starts.

For kurs på norsk, sjekk ut

This series consists of 5 courses à 4 nights, and can be done from the comfort of your own home: We meet with Zoom – video conferencing.

(You can sign up for the first course and decide leater about the rest of the series).

This course is for you if you:

  • …want to get to know better what you want and what you know
  • …are looking for a method where YOU are the one who “knows best”
  • …are aware that your body tells you things and you want to get to know that better
  • …are working with people and want to know more about how you can helo your clients in their chaning process
  • …are wishing to communicate better with your partner or with your children
  • …and more…


In this half-year-long, five parts course series, you will learn the interesting Focusing/Felt Sensing and listening (With-Sensing) process, while you get to work on a life issue (or more than one) that you want to  look into more, under safe, non-digging and non-judgmental circumstances. Each block of the series includes exchanging Felt-Sensing with a partner, also between the course nights.

Prices pr. block: NOK 1500,- (regular price) or NOK 1300,- (Earlybird before December 12th) Convert to your currency

Students/unemployed: NOK 1000,- (if this course feels very important to you and you can’t afford it, please contact me and we can look for a solution)


Course outline:

  1. Introduction to Felt Sensing and With-sensing (Focusing and Listening)January 10th to 31st
  2. Diving deeper into Felt Sensing and With-sensing February 14th to March 7th
  3. The body space in Felt SensingMarch 21st to April 11th
  4. Complexities of following and giving space to felt experience in Felt Sensing and With-SensingApril 25th to May 16th 
  5. Particular troubles we might encounter in Felt Sensing. Felt Sensing in everyday lifeMay 30th to June 20th

(Dates and times can be slightly changed if the whole group agrees)

When you have taken all the 5 blocks, you get a “Focusing and Listening Certificate”. This means that you can exchange Focusing with others from the whole world, if you like, and you can start bringing the method into your own life*.


To sign up and secure your place on the course:

Fill in this form and click send, plus send the deposit of NOK 400,- to Paypal:



*NB!  This intorductiory course series does not make you a Focusing Teacher. To teach Focusing, you have to sign up for a  Trainer in Training course with a  Certifying Coordinator from the International Focusing Institute.

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