Free web seminar about the method that takes YOUR inner voice seriously, Nov. 29th, 2018

Curious about what Felt Sensing (Focusing) is?


Want to get to know your own, inner voice better?


Have you thought about signing up to the beginners course in Felt Sensing/Focusing that starts in January 2019?


Thursday Nov. 29th at 6.30-7.30 pm (GMT+1, convert to your time zone), Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo gives a free web seminar to give you a taste of what Felt Sensing (Focusing) is, and can offer. 

Felt Sensing (Focusing) can, among other things, help you to :

  • hear your own inner voice better
  • trust more in yourself and what you know
  • get in touch with your body’s wisdom, as a way of “getting out of” repetetice thought patterns
  • …and more


Practicalities about Zoom:

– I will send you a link a few days before the seminar, after you’ve signed up, under
– You will click that link to get into the seminar room at the appointed time on Nov. 29th
– You can choose whether you would like to keep the video on or not

Sign up here, to have the seminar link sent to you:



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