Introduction to Felt Sensing (Focusing) starts March 23.

Want to get to know your own, inner experiences better? So you can shift and move situations that seem stuck? And deeply enjoy good feelings when they are there because you know how to be with those that feel less good, when they come?

Try the Introduction to Felt Sensing (Focusing):
The course runs over 4 Tuesdays:
March 23, April 6, 13 & 20, at 6.30 pm Oslo, CET/CET. Convert to your time zone

Taught by Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo


“I am a great fan of Vera! She truly ‘gets’ focusing, and her ability to share it with others in simple, creative ways is a delight to witness.” (Kay Hoffmann)

“Vera’s warmth, integrity and depth of understanding of what it is to be human shine out of her. She also has a deep understanding of the Focusing process and is able to help others to find this life-changing method for themselves” (Barbara McGavin)

Bring a friend and get half price!
Normal price: NOK 1500,-
Convert to your currency

This is the first block out of the 5 that together leads to the Certificate of Felt Sensing and With Sensing (Focusing and Listening). (You can sign up for only this course, to get a taster, and decide afterwards if you want to do the rest)

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