Staying with a life issue over some time – with Felt Sensing

Focusing or Felt Sensing can be done in different ways; and one is to see what comes and then stay with whatever shows up in the moment. And we might say that because it is one body and everything is connected, then if one thing shifts, something else might very well shift too.

Yet, sometimes it feels a little unsatisfying when it seems like there’s always a new or different thing that comes up in our partnership sessions. We might get the relief of having had some time to sense into ourselves, but we might also wonder if anything changes at all.

This 12 week course explores and provides different approaches to how to use Felt Sensing to stay with a life issue over some time.

  • Maybe you have a life issue that seems too hard to even approach. ‘It might feel messy and chaotic and seem to have many parts’ to it
  • You might have a life issue that you’ve worked on, over and over, and it feels persistent and like it won’t really change
  • Maybe you have discovered something about yourself, recently, that feels bigger than one session
  • You might wish for a long term Sensing Partnership
  • Maybe you just need a framework within which someone helps keep you on track with a topic over time
  • Maybe you feel like you only learned to ‘see what is there’, and you’re wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to be more ‘goal-oriented’ with Felt Sensing