Staying with a life issue over some time – with Felt Sensing – twelve week course

Most attempts to work on a personal problem only duplicate the problem. One works very hard to get rid of some way of being or feeling—the hidden essence of which, in the first place, is some impossible attempt to get rid of some part of oneself that needs integrating. One works hard to arrange and organize oneself, all the time missing the fact that what is really wrong is one’s tendency to arrange and organize instead of allowing genuine motivation to rise up in oneself.

Gendlin, The body’s releasing steps in experiential process, 1978

Focusing or Felt Sensing can be done in different ways; and one is to see what comes and then stay with whatever shows up in the moment. And we might say that because it is one body and everything is connected, then if one thing shifts, something else might very well shift too.

Yet, sometimes it feels a little unsatisfying when it seems like there’s always a new or different thing that comes up in each of our partnership sessions. We might find many wonderful things from our partnerships, among others the relief of having had some time to sense into ourselves, and we might also wonder if anything changes at all.

This 12 week course explores and provides different approaches to using Felt Sensing for staying with a life issue over some time.

  • Maybe you have a life issue that seems too hard to even approach. It might feel messy and chaotic and seem to have too many parts to it
  • You might have a life issue that you’ve worked on, over and over for a long time, and it feels persistent and like it won’t really change
  • Maybe you have discovered something about yourself, recently, that feels bigger than one session
  • You might wish for a long term Sensing Partnership
  • Maybe you just need a framework within which someone helps keep you on track with an issue over time
  • Maybe you feel like you only learned to ‘see what is there’, and you’re wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to be more ‘goal-oriented’ with Felt Sensing

The course is based on Felt Sensing/Focusing partnership, and hence the requirement to attend is:

Minimum of particpipants: 4, maximum 8.


  • Sharing a topic/issue/problem without sharing the content – “having it” in the space of you with another person”
  • Everything I “know” about this persistent life topic of mine, and where does it seem to show up in my life?
  • Grounding and finding resources to be the you that with no agenda can accompany ‘it’
  • Sensing and getting to know the different parts, places and “somethings” involved and the relationship between those – the power of AND
  • The “all of that” and “the more” as opposed to the seeming solutions we so far “know” about
  • “The space of not knowing” and “letting something come”
  • Becoming aware of, making space for, and fully enjoying the tiniest little changes
  • The “me”, the “having” of this problem/topic/issue, and resources around you
  • Time – time pressure, and what is time, really?

Teaching methods:

  • Writing and drawing exercises
  • Theoretical sharings and reflections
  • Demonstrations
  • Group discussions and process sharings (not content sharing)
  • Partnership in class
  • Partnership between classes
  • Exercises between classes

Times, prices and signing up

The course consists of twelve 2,5 hour meetings, and is online, on Zoom.

Course dates 2022: Sundays July 10 through October 2 (skip August 21)
Time: 6pm-8.30pm CET/CEST

Be aware of daylight saving changes happening at different times in America and Europe

Prices and payment:
Early Bird: NOK2800,-
Regular price: NOK3000,-

Deposit (click below to pay now): NOK500,-

Deposit: Staying with a life issue over some time

NOK 500.00