Focusing-Oriented Counselling (online)

I offer counselling from a person-centered, Focusing-Oriented tradition. This entails that I will facilitate a process where you can find your answers in a situation that you might be struggling with, rather than offering much advice.
It is also important to me that we both experience the relationship as safe, so that it offers a space in which new possibilities, and change may arise. I bring Felt Sensing, also called Focusing, into the sessions which means I might sometimes ask you to pause and see what is bodily felt for you

I work with people who experience bereavement, choice situations, sense of meaninglessness, uncertainty about the future or the sense of something missing in an otherwise seemingly “perfect” life.

A session is ususally 50 minutes and costs NOK 600,- (Nov 2020) Student/unemployed: NOK 400,-
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Sessions are offered in English and Norwegian, and largely online. If you are in Trondheim we can also go for a walk in Estenstadmarka, if you prefer.

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