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I offer different kinds of sessions one-on-one, and you can book any of those by filling in the form below. I am in GMT+1/CET/CEST/UTC+2 time zone – please do let me know your time zone so we can find a time that works.

More about Individual Felt Sensing/Focusing

More about what I call Musing sessions

More about Focusing-Oriented Counselling sessions

Prices and payment:

Pay by Paypal or contact me for other means of payment

More information about sessions and conversion of prices below

Regular price: Felt Sensing/Focusing/Counselling Session (inc. MVA/VAT)

Felt Sensing/Focusing sessions Musing sessions Counselling sessions

NOK 750.00

Student price – 50 minute session (Inc. MVA/VAT)

NOK 500.00

Mentoring session (ex VAT/MVA)

NOK 500.00

Book a session by filling in the form:

Focusing/Felt Sensing session, 50 minutes: NOK750,- (inc. VAT/MVA*) Convert to your currency

Musing session, 50 minutes: NOK625,- (inc. VAT/MVA*) Convert to your currency

Focusing-Oriented Counselling session, 50 minutes: NOK750,- (inc. VAT/MVA*) Convert to your currency

Student/unemployed, 50 minute session: NOK500,- (inc. VAT/MVA*) Convert to your currency

*The Norwegian VAT is called MVA, Merverdiavgift, and is a 25% tax payable on all sales of goods and services. One exeption is what falls under the category “teaching”, so mentoring sessions are excluded MVA

Sessions are on Zoom and a link will be provided after you have booked and payed the session