More about individual sessions

I offer individual sessions and musing sessions, in person (in Trondheim) and online (by Zoom), to first timers and to experienced Focusers.

As an introduction to Felt Sensing (Focusing)

If you are new to Focusing/Felt Sensing, you might want to try an individual session (or a few) to see if you like it, before you go on to a group course that makes you eligible for Focusing (Felt Sensing) partnership. You can do this with me, or with another Focusing Trainer, before embarking on the Felt Sensing and With-Sensing Training

Please let me know, and we can schedule a session for you to see if this is something you’d like to learn more about.

As a self-development tool or an alternative to other helping conversations

Maybe it also fits you better to not learn Felt Sensing) (Focusing) in a group, and you’d like to have someone listen to you in a different way than in usual counselling or therapy. You might have a topic or an issue you’d like to get to know better or something you want to change. In this case you can also contact me for scheduling a session to see if we can work together.