Welcome to Grounded Space Focusing

Vera på Rhodos

Hi! I am Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo, and I would would like to introduce you to you this wonderful, self-empowering method of becoming more spacious and empathic to yourself and others; called Focusing.

It’s a skill to learn for yourself, if you like, learnes through courses or in sessons one on one with me.

Focusing is a body-oriented method innthe sense that it lets you get in touch with yourself through turning your attention towards the body.

You can bring an issue to a session with me, as a way to work on something you’d like to change in your life, or you can come to a course to learn it as a method you can to use yourself and with another person, maybe even a friend.

Read more about Focusing and Eugene Gendlin – who discovered it – on the page about Focusing.

Read more about sessions wiht me in the Session menu,

Read more about Grounded Space Focusing and about me on the About pages.

Find my scheduled courses under the Courses menu.

(This post was updated October 2019)

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