The Proficiency of Focusing Partnership Track

The Proficieny in Focusing Partnership Award is granted by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) and gives you access to the TIFI membership and partnership pool.

This track is for those who only wish to learn enough to be able to use the process for themselves and exchange Focusing with a partner who also knows Focusing and Listening (Felt Sensing and With-Sensing).

If you want to be eligible for the training to become a Certified Focusing Professional (CFP), you will be required to take the full Felt Sensing and With-Sensing Training.

If you wish to bring Felt Sensing/Focusing into your client work, it is recommended that you take the full Felt Sensing and With-Sensing training, consisting of the two modules.

The Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Track consists the following

  • A minimum of 8 supervised one-hour partnership exchanges (25 minute sessions for each person) with at least three partners other than the ones you have so far practiced with.
    • I can help you find such partners if you do not know any yourself.

  • 2-5 individual 50 minute sessions with your teacher, Vera, to ensure that you are meeting the TIFI requirements of:
    • Ability to identify and utilize the felt sense in your process
    • Ability to listen in the Focusing way
    • Having Focusing experience with a number of other Focusing partners