Advanced Courses

So, now you know the Focusing, or Felt Sensing process! 🙂
What do you want to do next? What can you do with Focusing?

Advanced courses require you to have the 60 hour Felt Sensing and With-Sensing Training or equivalent to attend. Read more about why this is a prerequisite.

Here are my advanced Felt Sensing courses at a glance:

Being a person with another person – Explore and deepen your listening to yourself and others

8 week online advanced listening course in English

This course is for you if you:

  • want to deepen your listening in Focusing partnership,
  • are interested in the relational side of Focusing partnership,
  • want to deepen your Focusing listening as a helping professional,
  • have been looking for ways to bring Focusing listening more into your everyday life,
  • want to use your Focusing listening skills to deepen your listening to yourself and to the life in you, as well as in your relationships.

Staying with a life topic over some time, with Felt Sensing – how to stay with a topic in a Focusing or Felt Sensing kind of way.

This 12 week course explores and provides different approaches to how to use Felt Sensing for staying with a life issue over some time.

  • Maybe you have a life issue that seems too hard to even approach. It might feel messy and chaotic and seem to have too many parts to it
  • You might have a life issue that you’ve worked on, over and over for a long time, and it feels persistent and like it won’t really change
  • Maybe you have discovered something about yourself, recently, that feels bigger than one session
  • Maybe you just need a framework within which someone helps keep you on track with a topic over time
  • Maybe you feel like you only learned to ‘see what is there’, and you’re wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to be more ‘goal-oriented’ with Felt Sensing

The joys and perils of guiding a Focusing Partner

12 week advanced guiding and listening course Online course in English

This course is for you if you:

– …are feeling insecure about guiding in Focusing partnership
– …want to deepen your listening and guiding skills as a Focusing partner
-…want to know more about what and how to suggest when your Focuser seems stuck or asks for help
-…have been away from Focusing for a while and feel the need for some refreshing of how to partner
-…ususally find it better if your Listener is silent, but would like to try out having them say things back