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Here is a little bit of info about Grounded Space Focusing and Vera, the owner:

Grounded Space Focusing is the website of Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo’s Focusing and Felt Sensing courses. You can also book private, individual sessions and Musing sessions, whether you’re an experienced, advanced or intermediate Focuser, or completely new to Focusing (Felt Sensing).

Focusing courses for beginners, courses for advanced Focusers, and session of different kinds are provided online, on Zoom.

More about Vera

Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo is an MSc Counselling and Therapeutic Communication, and a certified Focusing Trainer, based in Trondheim, Norway. She has been doing Focusing since 2009, and got her Focusing Trainer credentials in February 2018, from The International Focusing Institute in New York.

Read more about Focusing and Eugene T. Gendlin, the founder of Focusing.

Grounded Space Focusing – inspiration for you?

Here at Grounded Space Focusing, Vera aims to provide (in addition to the Focusing and listening skills courses) interesting and inspiring ways to go further with Focusing and Felt Sensing, and ways to integrate Focusing into your life as a life skill, or even a way of living. Focusing can be used as a “method” in partnership sessions, or with a counsellor or therapist, but Felt Sensing can also be a way of life or an approach to life.

Since Grounded Space Focusing is also meant to be a source of inspiration to Focusers and others, there will sometimes be new posts with thoughts, quotes, musings and expereinces of Focusing, Felt Sensing, Gendlin’s and others’ articles.  Those posts will be written by Vera herself, participants on Vera’s courses, by recievers of Focusing, and others. Maybe you want to contribute something? 🙂

P.S. All photos of nature and places on this website have been taken by Vera herself.

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