Vera’s life and work experience

I  was born in 1978 and hold an MSc in Counselling and Therapeutic Communication from NTNU (Norwegian University of Technology and Science) and Ulster University, plus a a BSc of Education and  Social Anthropology. I currently live in beautiful Trondheim, Norway.

View from “Gamle Bybro”, Trondheim. Photographer: Vera

Self-development seems to be the common thread in my life choices. And I have gone from looking to become more like what was expected of me to more like what I might expect from the world and myself. The interest in human living and the human psyche and ways of being in the world is at the core of my interest. Hence I have been active in different types of self-development courses since 1996. This includes different types of healing processes and body work, meditation, imagery and awareness work, the use of creative media in self-development, Chinesiolgy, and more. It was a long search, and I finally felt like I came home when I found Focusing in 2009. You can read more about my Focusing or Felt Sensing journey here.

september2011 001.jpg
Photographer: Hege Beate Skjelvan

After many years of such “alternative” ways of trying to understand myself and others, I started my academic path in 2003. This resulted in my Master’s thesis on touch, in 2011, which is based on a Humanistic Existential way of approaching counselling, and that uses Focusing as part of the research method.

During and after my education, I have worked several years in kindergardens and psychiatric wards, and I have worked as a counsellor in a company working to help unemployed people find their way back to employment. I am now working part time teaching counselling, pedagogics and adult learning at the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning at NTNUN (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) You can also learn more about my work experience by checking out my LinkedIn Profile, or see my Norwegian CV.

I enjoy reading academic, philosophical and scientific materials, and I have written a book chapter on “The role of the lived body in Counselling” (in Norwegian) with some of my colleagues at NTNU. I aspire to write and publish more, in time.

I aspire to create big spaces for discoveries and learning in a safe, creative and exploring kind of environment, for myself and for others, in individual sessions, and in my courses.

Photographer: Lise Brissach

I also enjoy climbing (including in trees), travelling, music, knitting, crocheting, writing, being an aunt and taking walks in nature, as well as generally musing on life, Focusing or Felt Sensing and ways of being a person with another person, in all parts of life.