Musing sessions

I LOVE thinking and wondering and musing and discussing about Focusing! Therefore I have decided to offer what I call “Musing sessions” in addition to Individual sessions.B

What is a musing session?

A Musing session is for anyone who is learning Focusing, or who is an experienced Focuser, who would like a chance to talk (to me) about a particular topic within the practice or theory of Focusing and listening.

If you haven’t tried Focusing before, I do recommend an individual session, because Focusing is often something that needs to be experienced to really get a sense of.

In a musing session you might want to:

  • Discuss a particular part of Focusing,
  • Talk about the philosophy and theory behind Focusing,
  • Sense into a particular topic about Focusing, or
  • Ask me about a particular issue you have encountered or often encounter in your practice with Focusing and Listening

Topics for such a session might be:

  • anything you are wondering or bumping up against in and with Focusing,
  • partnership,
  • listening,
  • what is Focusing, really?,
  • whether to go on to Teacher Training or not,
  • different styles of Focusing,
  • how to “live Focusing”, or integrate it more into your life,
  • different ways of learning or teaching Focusing,
  • Gendlin’s Philosophy (I’m still learning about this, so you might know much more than me),
  • an article on Focusing that you’d like to discuss,
  • sexual feelings in a Focusing session,
  • Focusing and trauma (as much as I know about this),
  • whether to attend an advanced course, (mine or some of the one’s that I know about, for instance from Focusing Resources),
  • or other topics you find interesting or hard about Focusing.

How to book a Musing session:

To book a Musing session, send me an e-mail and let me know what the topic is, maybe what you already know, and what you would like from such a session with me. And then we can find out together if I’m the right kind of person to do this with, and find a time if we agree that I am.

A musing session costs kr. 625,- Convert to your currency