Beginners Courses

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Read more about why to learn and use Felt Sensing (Focusing)

Introductory course to Felt Sensing (Focusing)


  • For anyone who would like to get to know yourself better
  • You who have already noticed that you have “bodily senses” that you feel are “telling you something”
  • Teachers who would like to bring more listening into the classromm
  • Parents who want better communication with their children (and in the family in general)
  • Therapists who want a tool to better make space for client change
  • Couples who want a new way of listening to each other and communicate better
  • Anyone who is curious about a different source of knowing


  • Felt Sensing and With-Sensing (Focusing and Listening) Certificate
  • Get to know yourself better and a way to understand yourself and others
  • A method to help clients to change
  • A method to give support instead of giving advice
  • A self-help-tool that you can use with another Felt Senser (Focuser)
  • How to sense together with someone instead of feeling responsible for the other person
  • A way to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, and to trust your own knowing more
  • To know what you know
  • To feel what you want
  • Getting to trust your feelings and your body more


On Zoom – online, real-time courses

In person – contact me if you prefer in person courses