“Once your body is allowed to be itself, uncramped, it has the wisdom to deal with your problems”

(Gendlin, Focusing, 1978, s. 75)

Learn Felt Sensing

If you are looking to learn Felt Sensing/Focusing.

  • What is Focusing/Felt Sensing
  • Felt Sensing Training (Focusing and Listening)
  • One on one sessions
  • Free seminars

Advanced or advanced beginner

If you already know some Felt Sensing/Focusing, and want to go deeper.

  • “Being a person with another person” – 6 week course for advanced Felt Sensers
  • “Staying with an issue over some time” – 8 week course for advanced Felt Sensers
  • “Let your body intepret your dreams” – 5 week course on Felt Sensing and dreams (Prerequisite: the two first courses of the Felt Sensing Training)

Read more about Felt Sensing/Focusing

If you want to read or watch more about Felt Sensing/Focusing

What people say about Focusing/Felt Sensing

“Through Focusing I can feel that I really, deeply like myself” (S.)

“Focusing is a way for me to touch, know,  and come to love some of the parts of myself that I have spent most of my life pushing away. . .” (J.)

“Focusing is a way to discover and honour my lived experience”. (M.)

Life reaffirms itself every second. It makes everything fresh every second. It recreates the body and what the possibilities are; and we tend to fall back into the same fixed thing. But we don’t have to. Life reaffirms itself every second and you can touch that in your body

– Eugene Gendlin –