“Once your body is allowed to be itself, uncramped, it has the wisdom to deal with your problems”

(Gendlin, Focusing, 1978, s. 75)

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Focusing, or Felt Sensing, is a wonderfully friendly and non-judgemental body-oriented approach to self-discovery, self-compassion, other-compassion, and of tapping into your own inner voice. It was discovered by research into what change truly is, and can be used alone, in reciprocal partnerships, as part of counselling and therapy, or as an approach to life.

Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo

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“The body in Felt Sensing”
Have a listen to what it might sound like to be in one of my courses, compiled and accompanied with music by Till Flo Krapoth

Advanced or advanced beginner

If you already know some Felt Sensing/Focusing, and want to go deeper.

  • Bringing Felt Sensing into client work – an 8 week course with peer support

  • “Let your body interpret your dreams” – 5 week course on Felt Sensing and dreams

What people say about Focusing/Felt Sensing

“With Focusing, I become more aware of my own, inner knowing, so I can say ‘no thanks’ to things that don’t feel right for me” (C.)

“What the Felt Sensing and With-Sensing training changed for me, is that I feel more open, calm and welcoming towards myself. It’s like I have this tool that allows me to slow down when I get upset” (B).

“Focusing is a way for me to touch, know,  and come to love some of the parts of myself that I have spent most of my life pushing away. . .” (J.)

“Focusing is a way to discover and honour my lived experience”. (M.)

Life reaffirms itself every second. It makes everything fresh every second. It recreates the body and what the possibilities are; and we tend to fall back into the same fixed thing. But we don’t have to. Life reaffirms itself every second and you can touch that in your body

– Eugene Gendlin –


Barbara McGavin, Certified Focusing Coordinator and developer of Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann W. Cornell.

“I have always been impressed with Vera. Her warmth, integrity and depth of understanding of what it is to be human shine out of her. She also has a deep understanding of the Focusing process and is able to help others to find this life-changing method for themselves. Whether she is accompanying someone in their own personal journey or helping a group, she is unfailingly gentle and supportive. I am grateful Vera is both my colleague and my friend.”

“I am a great fan of Vera! She truly ‘gets’ focusing, and her ability to share it with others in simple, creative ways is a delight to witness. I find her light and friendly approach combined with the depth of her understanding of the process very inspiring and have no hesitation in recommending her courses and 1 – 1 sessions to anyone wishing to learn focusing or deepen their experience”