Holding (seeming) opposites

The other day I had (another, I might say) experience of the magic of being the one that holds (seeming) opposites, which is a feature of Focusing that I truly treasure. I think that one of the corners that (many of us) Westerners have painted ourselves into is the notion of “either-or”, “black-or-white”, “good-or-bad”, “shit-or-great”….

The power of slowness, pausing and “resonating”

This post is about the importance of “resonance” when we listen to ourselves and others as an important thing not to forget. I am writing about it because I need the reminder myself in Focusing sessions, but I also think the Listner/With-Senser can benefit from their own resonating, and I suggest how we might use it in listening in everyday life too…

Against the idea of “resistance to change”

It is time we stop spreading this illogical idea that human beings are “resistant to change”, and that change and growth are painful. In the very least, we need to nuance and differentiate what we mean by “change”. Yes, loss is painful – and loss leads to change, but it’s not the change coming from…

Always more to discover and explore about being a listener

I hope that the course will give you more of a sense of who you are and want to be as a listener, make you feel more safe in the exploring way of being there and being you, that it will present you with possible new partners and give you some new ways to support your Focuser.

Why Focusing is not ‘the same as’ Mindfulness

(For norsk versjon, klikk her) When I describe to others who are unfamiliar with Focusing, what it is, I often get the comment or question if Focusing isn’t just the same as Mindfulness. In this little piece I would like to try to outline some of the differences and similarities between Focusing and Mindfulness. To…