Advanced listening course – Being a person with another person

Finished your levels, the Focusing and listening skills, and wondering what to do next?

Try “Being a person with another person” and explore and deepen your listening to yourself and others: A 7-week advanced Zoom course about the relational sides to Felt Sensing: in regular Focusing partnerships, in helping professions and in everyday life.

The course explores:

  • the sense of a “we-together-process”, compared to the idea of listening without influencing the Focuser/client/friend/family member etc. (includes exploration of a group-“we”)
  • responding from having the other person’s experience land in your living body, compared to from thoughts, analysis, or simply striving to remember words having been said
  • the idea that it is the CONTACT to the inner place (and between us) that is the important thing, primary to finding the “right” words, gestures or other expressions
  • having a “Focusing conversation” (something between a Focusing session and a regular conversation)
  • trouble that arises in and with listening

Course outline

  • Each week I will present a new topic by sharing my thoughts and reading something, and then we will explore the topic together, in an open and welcoming way
  • We will explore talking from our Felt Sense, rather than from what we already know, in the group, in all the meetings
  • There will be partnership exercices during the meeting time
  • Between meetings you will be given a partnership exercise to practice with someone from the group
  • The group members’ experience and background will shape the course, which means that each course might be different from the last, in the sense of how the topics are presented and explored

Dates in 2020:

  • Wednesdays, January 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4 and 11.
  • Wednesdays, September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, and October 7 and 14.

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