Why learn and use Focusing (Felt Sensing)?

(Norsk versjon av dette innlegget

Do you feel like there’s something missing in your seemingly “perfect” life?

  • Felt Sensing let’s you come deeper inside of yourself and what really matters to you.

Do you have feelings of emptiness, or longing for meaning?

  • Felt Sensing doesn’t provide you with any particular meaning, but helps you find what is meaningful to YOU.

Can you sense that there is some kind of direction that you want to go in, but can’t really figure out what it is, or do what you need to start going there?

  • With Felt Sensing, you can get to know that direction better, and let it come from inside.

Do you feel stuck?

  • Felt Sensing can get you in touch with what feels stuck, and let the stuck place itself show you how to move forward.

Are you harsh on yourself to the extent that you get exhausted and cut off from others?

  • Felt Sensing can help you become more compassionate and spacius towards yourself and others.

If one or more of those fit with how you feel or what you wish for, contact me for a session, or sign up for the Felt Sensing and With-Sensing Training.

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