Felt Sensing makes it easier to trust what comes from within…

…, even what seems “angry at me” or “negative”, because Felt Sensing becomes a tool to get a relationship with it, to hear better what’s actually underneath.

And what’s actually underneath is, always, without exeption, that it’s trying to “save you” from a situation (or several situations simultaneously) that are experienced as unbearable and even life threatening, as a way to keep safe what is good, creative, alive and/or forward striving in you.

That is: what sounds like it’s trying to punish or even kill you, is really trying to protect the life in you!

Is it enough just to know about this?

Yes, it might be, of course.

More often it isn’t though, because it can end up becoming yet another one of those things you “should” or “have to”.

The best way to see if I’m right, and if Felt Sensing could work for you, is to try.

Contact me for a session, or stay tuned for intro courses in January/February🙂

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