The Joys and Perils of Guiding – online advanced listening course for partnership and client work

– starting May 10!

Both Carl Rogers and Eugene Gendlin have pointed out that we human beings are so used to being told what to do: growing up, in school for years, with parents and other “elders”, by teachers and by rules and legislations. As a result, we might also have been encultured into thinking that the only way of learning and growing is to be helped and told, and hence that listening and helping means we have to tell and advice the other person.

One of the strengths (and maybe perils) of Focusing is that as listeners, we can sit back and let the process take its course. And as Focusers we can finally (maybe nervously) take more charge and get to know our own inner voice and next natural steps coming from inside, rather than having to do something that seems expected from outside, or trying to please our listener.
There is (“supposed to be”) an underling trust in the process, the knowing of the body, rather than the knowing of the outsider/listener.

So what, then, when we’re supposed to “guide”, “suggest” and be “helpful” anyway?

In my experience, it takes a lot of courage and willingness to be vulnerable and not-knowing, and willingness to be corrected, as a listener to someone else’s process.

This course is for you if you:
– …are feeling insecure about guiding in Focusing partnership
– …want to deepen your listening and guiding skills as a Focusing partner
-…want to know more about what and how to suggest when your Focuser seems stuck or asks for help
-…have been away from Focusing for a while and feel the need for some refreshing of how to partner
-…ususally find it better if your Listener is silent, but would like to try out having them say things back

Content and goals

Read more about goals and teaching methods for the course on this link

We will start by going back to the basics of silent listening, and advance from there, trying out, then sensing, reflecting and sharing about the qualities of each of those “skills”, elements or “steps” in listening in a Felt Sensing way (see more details below).

As a result of the course I hope that you will feel more secure in each “skill”, and that your own, unique quality as a listener will emerge and/or be strengthened and solidified. I also hope that you, both as Focuser, Listener and helping professional will feel more confident in taking vulnerable daring steps in the shared listening space. The Listener will feel more confident in being “corrected”, and be more attuned to letting the unique process of the Focuser or client guide your Listening and your Guiding.

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“I have always been impressed with Vera. Her warmth, integrity and depth of understanding of what it is to be human shine out of her. She also has a deep understanding of the Focusing process and is able to help others to find this life-changing method for themselves. Whether she is accompanying someone in their own personal journey or helping a group, she is unfailingly gentle and supportive. I am grateful Vera is both my colleague and my friend.”

– Barbara McGavin, Certified Focusing Coordinator and developer of Inner Relationship Focusing with Ann W. Cornell.

“I am a great fan of Vera! She truly ‘gets’ focusing, and her ability to share it with others in simple, creative ways is a delight to witness. I find her light and friendly approach combined with the depth of her understanding of the process very inspiring and have no hesitation in recommending her courses and 1 – 1 sessions to anyone wishing to learn focusing or deepen their experience.”

– Kay Hoffmann, Certified Focusing Coordinator

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