Always more to discover and explore about being a listener

After ca. 12 years of Focusing and listening, teaching and learning, I find that there is still more to discover, both about Focusing and about being the listening partner to another Focuser.

One might say that there are as many ways of listening as there are people (or bodies) – each person with their own, unique quality of presence and listening skills. Some of which fit for us and others that fit for others.

I believe that coming back to the basics is one very valuable way of expanding and becoming more sophisticated, having more to choose from – whatever the practice.

In a practice that is as relational as the Focusing exchange, there are many ways in which we can become insecure and worried that we’re “not doing it right”, that we’re doing too much or not enough etc.

It is the Focuser’s process, we say, and yet, I am also there, as the listener WITH the Focuser: as my unique self or body, with my unique way of being with another unique being. At least if we take seriously what Gendlin says: that interaction comes first.

Therefore I have developed this extensive advanced listening course: “The joys and perils of listening to a Focusing Partner”; a course meant for trying out and exploring with other, advanced Focusers.

The course is designed around practicing each little “skill” or “move” in pairs, then exchanging experiences and reflecting in a small group, in a Focusing way, on what it was like, what happened, how it felt, what it did and didn’t do. Then trying out once more and reflecting again in a small group, and gathering in the main group to share what we discovered and learned.

I hope that the course will give you more of a sense of who you are and want to be as a listener, make you feel more safe in the exploring way of being there and being you, that it will present you with possible new partners and give you some new ways to support your Focuser.

Those are the skills or moves we will be exploring:

  • silent listening,
  • acknowledging sounds,
  • saying back,
  • tone of voice,
  • pace and timing,
  • gestures,
  • listening for “the more”,
  • pure guiding moves/suggestions,
  • attunement
  • and allowing the process teach us.

There is also partnership between classes, where you can try out and explore more.

The next course starts Monday May 10, at 18.30-21.30 CEST, click link to convert to your time zone

The course is online, on Zoom and needs a minimum of 8 participants, maximum 12

Read more about the course, the dates, prices and booking of “The joys and perils of guiding a Focusing Partner”

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