“Being a person with another person” – Explore and deepen your listening to yourself and others

7 week Advanced Focusing Listening course, online, in English, with Vera Rolfine Fryd Lyngmo

Prerequisite: Felt Sensing and With-Sensing-Training (Focusing and Listening Skills Certificate), or equivalent, with a Certified Focusing Professional.
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“The essence of working with another person is to be present as a living being. And that is lucky, because if we had to be smart, or good, or mature, or wise, then we would probably be in trouble. But, what matters is not that. What matters is to be a human being with another human being, to recognize the other person as another being in there.”

(Gendlin 1990, p. 205)

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This course is for you, if you:

  • want to deepen your listening in Focusing partnership,
  • are interested in the relational side of Focusing partnership,
  • want to deepen your Focusing listening as a helping professional,
  • have been looking for ways to bring Focusing listening more into your everyday life,
  • want to use your Focusing listening skills to deepen your listening to yourself and to the life in you, as well as in your relationships.

Deepen and explore your listening to a Focusing partner, to clients, or in your life, as a way of deepening your listening to yourself and to your surroundings.
Increase your presence and your “mindfulness” in your life through exporing listening in a Felt Sensing kind of way.

Course contents

This course is for those who are experienced Focusing partners wanting to deepen their listening without doing the Teacher Training. The main goal of the course is to become more confident that what is really needed in listening to another, is that you are there as you, however you are. That is: the simple complexity of just being a human being, recognising the other person as another human being.

The course is inspired by Gendlin’s philosophy, philosophers Martin Buber and John Macmurray, and psychologist Carl Rogers.

Most of all I want [the other person] to encounter in me a real person. I do not ned to be uneasy as to whether my own feelings are ‘therapeutic’. What I am and what I feel are good enough…
– Carl Rogers, 1967 – “On becoming a person”, p. 67.

Why practice and deepen your listening to another person?

Listening to another person in a Focusing way, can also be about cultivating your presence in your own life. This includes your relationships, both to yourself and to others.

Hence, such practice can put us in contact with a different way of listening to the process in our personal and professional relationships, and even in our family.

Listening and tending inwardly increases our ways of being mindful, because we learn to listen for what is fresh, new and that which has life in it.

With Focusing partnerships as our starting point, we will:

  • Explore the difference between being an uninvolved listener and being yourself, as a person with the other person
  • Learn and/or deepen the practice of landing in the “we-space”, and finding a fresh rhythm from there, together
  • Explore saying “yes” to experience
  • Explore the thought that maybe the words you say hardly count, because it’s (the contact with and movement from) the place inside, where the words come from, that makes the difference
  • Deepen the practice of speaking from where the Focuser’s words “land” in your body
  • Explore the difficult aspects of listening

The course will include some passages from the philosophy of Eugene Gendlin.

Deposit Being a person with another person

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NOK 500.00

Times and signing up

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Regular Price NOK 2000,-

Deposit :NOK 500,- to be paid upon registering, via PayPal

Concessions available for unemployed/students/loc income

A minimum of 4 participants is required for the course to start
Maximum participants: 8

Welcome, let’s have fun!

What previous participants have said about the course:

Douglas Kent PhD
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

“This course, Being A Person with Another Person, was a masterclass about being genuine with others. Ms. Vera beautifully teaches philosophical principles by facilitating lively discussion, inviting thoughtful reflection, and learning through experience of synchronous listening and responding from the felt sense of interpersonal experience. A central question of the class, “Need I put myself away to be with you?”, opened my thought to possibilities of how to “show myself” in roles that I might otherwise have needlessly withheld from others, thus increasing the opportunity for more fully authentic interpersonal experiences”

Naty Calviño

“Vera embodies the essence of Focusing and what she teaches, transmits and facilitates. She does so in a very caring, warm way, including texts and notes of her sessions that are very interesting and enriching. She also encourages participation and partnerships. I loved this Course!”

Amona Beuchler

“What a wonderful course! The course material is presented in a perfect mixture: Lots of theoretical background with quotes, Vera’s thoughts on how this theory bridges to actually living it, and clearly laid out, interesting exercises. Each of the practices brought new perspectives and new perceptions for me, and the sharings and discussion that came from all that, felt very alive, engaged, and warm. This we-space type of Focusing is not only a wonderful way of having a different kind of Focusing partnership, perhaps more intimate, it also offers the Focusing attitude to be more easily bridged into/brought into everyday interactions with others. With this practice, we can all become even better listeners and thereby have deeper connections with one another. I do feel, it is good to have a good foundation of regular Focusing before taking this course.”

I experienced Vera’s course ‘Being a person with another person’ as gentle and open, and grounded in scholarship and experience
– Jennifer Dunbabin

Vera R. Fryd Lyngmo is a warm and gentle young woman who was doing some amazing “thinking at the edge” about Focusing in the course I took. And she encouraged class participants to do the same. Thoroughly engrossing!
– Anonymous

I liked the course and I learned a lot. I love how Vera lives what she says. Soundly rooted, open, lively and kind
– Winnie Ireland

Ulla-Stina Johansson

“Being a person with another person let me explore my Felt Sense of being a Person in process, beyond my identifications as a person, as I meet another person in the unknown. For me, it is an exploration of Gendlin´s concept of “interaction first” which I have been interested in for many years.

The exercises, the slow pace, time for sharing, deep listening and gentle but honest responsiveness from Vera and the participants made it easy to be in the unknown and discern different qualities of the felt sense in MeSpace, WeSpace with a single participant and in the group but also sense the implied Larger Space.  

I also appreciated the gentle connection between the course and the philosophy of Gendlin.

I am looking forward to the next course to more deeply explore Being a Person with another person and linked it to the philosophy of Gendlin, especially interaction first, experiences of a felt sense of interconnection in MeSpace WeSpace and a Larger Space. “

Jeffrey Kinnamon

This course met me exactly where I am and was incredibly helpful to me as a focuser and a human being. The content of this course was the process itself and Vera facilitated this with a smart pedagogical structure and by creating a dynamic, rich, and safe environment. Together and with intention, we co-created an exploratory space from which to learn, build new concepts, and carry-forward. I loved seeing everyone there, and being seen!