Focusing is…

I asked some of my Focusing friends and partners to say what Focusing is, in one sentence. This is what they said:

“Through Focusing I can feel that I really, deeply like myself” (S.)

“Focusing is a way of finding peace and coming into connection with parts of me that feel uncomfortable/difficult/stuck, as well as connecting deeply with another person in the process” (E, 25)

“Focusing is coming home to myself and my own life-direction. It’s a kind of a relief like feeling, like: ‘oh, there I am again, and there’s my path’…” (S, 37)

“Focusing is a way for me to touch, know,  and come to love some of the parts of myself that I have spent most of my life pushing away. . .” (J.)

“Focusing is deeper connection with my life partner”. (R, 40)

“Focusing is a way to BE with myself so I am true about my choices and about acting my life-forward.” (E, 45)

“Focusing is a way to discover and honour my lived experience”. (M, 59)

“Focusing is the SPA for my soul.” (A, 46 )

“Focusing helps me to recognise and accept my own experience in this moment.” (W.)

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