Felt Sensing and With-Sensing Training

2. The With-Senser (listener) (Module One course)

This is the third of the 3 courses of Modle One of the Felt Sensing and With-Sensing Training. In this course we learn what “body” and “surroundings” are in Felt Sensing, and go deeper into “togetherness” and the “We-space”.

We get to know more about why and how Gendlin claims that we can know “more” with our body than with our minds, and why it is useful to turn towards that which has not yet formed. We will discover that it is not necessary to be verbal or to always have to put into words what arises in Felt Sensing.

One goal is to get to feel more safe in your own body through Felt Sensing, and with your own expressions and feelings, as well as being in a “we”, both in Sensing Partnership and in life in general.

Prerequisite: Having completed the two first courses of this training.


  • With-Sensing skills
  • Principles of the listening practice
  • The Felt Sense
  • Respect for the Felt Senser and the With-Senser
  • “We space” and “togetherness” in Sensing Partnership
  • How to make space and be present with someone when we don’t know any content

Teaching methods:

  • Sharing of theory
  • Demonstrations
  • Group discussions
  • Exercises and trying out in the group
  • Partnership in class
  • Reflections
  • Partnership between classes


  • a stabile internet connection
  • video option on your device
  • preferrably a computer size screen

Booking and more informaton

The course consists of four 2,5 hour meetings and minimum three partnership exchanges of 1 hour between classes.

The course is online, on Zoom, and you will receive a link before the course starts

The 3 courses in Module one gives you the basics you need to either go on to the Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Track or to Module two: Certificate in Felt Sensing and With-Sensing.

Course dates:
Mondays: March 20 & 27, April 3 & 10

Time: 6.30 pm Oslo, CET (Central European Time) Click for your timezone.

Price for this course: NOK1500,-
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Deposit for 2. The With-Senser (Listener)

The deposit it non-refundable unless the course is cancelled.

NOK 500.00

Full price 2. The With-Senser

NOK 1,500.00

Felt Sensing and With-Sensing Training

1. Introduction to Felt Sensing
2. The With-Senser (Listener)
3. The body in Felt Sensing
4. The Space of Not Knowing
5. Critical voices and other obstacles in Felt Sensing.
6. Focusing modalities and the world
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