Felt Sensing and With-Sensing Training

What people say about the training

Photo: Niamh Byrne

“Vera’s training helped me to deepen my knowledge of focusing, to enhance my life both now and, I believe, in the future and it took place in an atmosphere of warmth and respect for all”

– Padraig O’Morain

“The course felt like super comfortable and nice barefoot hiking boots to me, supporting me on my own path while letting me enjoy myriads of sensations”

– Anonymous

– Ella Catherine Higgs says:

“Vera’s training was wonderful. The warm, gentle, interesting and fun environment she created meant that I would look forward to each week, not only to the brilliant learning aspect of her training, but the therapeutic nature of the sessions for me 🙂 I would recommend this training to anyone for a fantastic way to learn/deepen your Focusing and listening practice. 10/10!!!”


“Vera is an embodiment of the focusing attitude – open, curious, expanding, welcoming. She shared her knowledge with us generously and honestly and encouraged us to find our own ways. I highly recommend her training”
– Ieva